Recommended Reading

Our Top Three Recommendations To Learn More About Holotropic Breathwork

Holotropic Breathwork: A New Approach to Self-Exploration and Therapy
by Stanislav & Christina Grof, 2010.
Released in August of 2010, this long-awaited book is a summary of Dr. Grof’s work with Holotropic Breathwork.

The Breathwork Experience: Exploration and Healing in Nonordinary States of Consciousness
by Kylea Taylor, 1994
Highly recommended!  If anyone is considering attending a Holotropic Breathwork workshop and wants to have a basic understanding of what happens during a workshop and the basic ideas of the theory behind it, this is the book to read!  Taylor  includes participant stories and quotes.

Psychology of the Future 
by Stanislav Grof, M.D., 2000
If you are interested in not only Holotropic Breathwork, but also Grof’s life work and the field of Transpersonal Psychology, then this is definitely the first book I would recommend.  Organized as an introductory college textbook, many of the chapters in this book are summaries of Dr. Grof’s other books.

Other Books by Stanislav Grof, M.D.

The Holotropic Mind (1993)
with Hal Zina-Bennett
This book was intended to translate Stan’s work into language that is more suitable for a mainstream, non-academic audience.  Zina-Bennett was brought in to interview Stan and write this book to be the most accessible for someone without much background in Psychology or Transpersonal Psychology who wants to learn more about Holotropic Breathwork and Stan.

The Adventure of Self-Discovery 1988
Along with The Holotropic Mind, above, this may be the best book to learn all about the background and practice of Holotropic Breathwork and the healing potential of nonordinary states of consciousness.  Includes the unedited version of Stan’s famous “Extended Cartography of the Unconscious.” (If you have had an experience that you do not see listed in Stan’s cartography, please contact him! 😉

The Transpersonal Vision (audio) 1998
For those who want to really understand the origins and history and future direction of the field of Transpersonal Psychology — from Stan Grof’s point of view… this is an amazing set of cds/audio!  Includes many of his personal anecdotes and stories from all his experiences with the people involved in the field through the years.

The Cosmic Game (1998)
Some people emerge from Holotropic Breathwork and other non-ordinary state of consciousness sessions and share that they’ve had deep and vivid spiritual experiences.  Over the course of 45+ years, Stan Grof has been observing and documenting thousands and thousands of these experiences, and noticing the commonalities between them.  To find out what those commonalities are, read this book! (Hint: They are very similar to the basic theme of the Aldous Huxley book “The Perennial Philosophy” see below)

Spiritual Emergency
1989, co-edited by Stan & Cristina Grof
This is the book in which the phrase “Spiritual Emergency,” so commonly used today was first coined.  It is the book which is based on Cristina’s personal experiences, which began to open our culture to an appreciation of the fact that a very large percentage of people who are diagnosed by modern-day psychiatrists as having “psychotic” experiences, may in fact be undergoing a healthy and normal process of spiritual emergence.

The Stormy Search for the Self 
(1992, co-written with Cristina Grof)

Beyond the Brain (1986)
The most technical of Stan’s books, it is nonetheless one of the most comprehensive of his published writings.

Human Survival and Consciousness Evolution (1988)

Books of the Dead: Manuals For Living and Dying (1994)

Ancient Wisdom Modern Science (1984)

Realms of the Human Unconscious: Observations From LSD Research (1976)
Stan’s first published book, the one based on his first twenty years of controlled studies of LSD-induced experiences.

Books About Spirituality & Addiction

The Thirst for Wholeness : Attachment, Addiction, and the Spiritual Path
by Christina Grof, (1994).

The Wide Open Door: The Twelve Steps, Spiritual Tradition, and the New Psychology
by Tav Sparks, (1993).